ARC Architectural Led Lighting

Founded in 2006 by Ahmet Refik Colak, ARC Architectural Led Lighting is a professional architectural lighting design. We are sure you will be a good solution partner with our professional DMX exterior lighting products and our experienced application team.

Our company is doing extraordinary designs to add aesthetics to the architectural structure in the outer facades of shopping malls and entertainment centers in high buildings.

The designs we are making do not only add aesthetics to the architectural projects but also make them different from the environmental buildings. It is also used as a good advertising tool by creating market awareness and visual communication with the surrounding people through our designs and products, which have the features of writing and displaying images.

Our DMX Linear products, which are produced to conform to the architectural lines and used for different purposes, are used to emphasize contours or line lines in the buildings while our DMX Dot series products are our ideal products to fill the building facades, increase the resolution and affect the people with visual effects.

DMXWash and DMX Flood on the other side give life to our monotonous color by our products. One of the most important features that distinguish our products from others is that each product (without a decoder or converter) is made up of world-famous products such as CREE Led, Samsung Led, Texas Instruments, Philips, Dow Corning, Chogori and Meanwell which are DMX in themselves and proven themselves in the world sector.

As a result, high quality, good service and customer satisfaction are our most indispensable features.


Our company has made a principle of being an accredited company known for its success, trust, entrepreneurship and prestige in the field of LED based lighting products.

We live in pride of meeting our customers’ expectations at the highest level by closely following technological developments with innovative and creative solutions in everything we do. We produce high quality luminaires with our ARC registered trademark and Business conformity certificate; Led, Lens, Driver and Exterior We are converting our Pixel products with our professional cadres.

ARC, which attaches great importance to humanity and eye pleasure, continues to produce permanent impressions by producing quality works with modern designs. Our company will continue to be a company that produces quality and efficiency that grow rapidly both at home and abroad with its after sales service understanding.

  1. Design

    The first stage of architectural LED lighting is the design process. At this stage, ARC Architectural Led Lighting will examine the project from many directions and the project decides on the most appropriate designs and designs.

  2. Presentations

    After completing the design process of ARC Mimari Led Aydınlatma, he presented the project with a realistic presentation and made to the taste of the customers.

  3. Manufacture

    ARC Architectural Led Lighting Design completes and presents the project in the direction that the customer wants and develops it ready for application and passes through production.

  4. Implementation

    ARC Architectural Led Lighting project design, presentation and joint decisions with the customer as we produce the products we make our promise and promise we deliver when we deliver.


A successful architectural project requires a successful lighting design to capture the characteristic lines of the architectural facade, the gender and color of the material used, the mission of the institution, and the perception that it wishes to obtain outwardly.

ARC Creatively, we are contributing to the commercial goals of the institution as well as designing the lighting design according to the architectural character in order to achieve success of the project.


Mottosu Kreatif’lik our company, in a changing and developing world while creating difference and awareness in a design sense, using superior technologies, we aim to save and quality.

ARC Architectural Led Lighting


November 2017

The exterior line has enriched the DMX series with Starline Models.
Söğütözü Enpark Tower Exterior Lighting Project, one of Ankara’s distinguished buildings, has been completed.
Pixel and Linear lighting were used together in the exterior lighting of the Sentido Numa Bay Hotel in Alanya’s Okurcalar region.

December 2016

The Holiday Inn Hotel Antalya project has successfully completed the outdoor Pixel lighting project.
Turkey is one of Turkey’s most exclusive projects realized they Inc. Mahalla the Ankara Project.

November 2015

Our company has taken the first steps to become the leading company in DMX-controlled facade and pixel lighting sector. The first DMX pixel project is the SENTIDO GOLD ISLAND hotel in Alanya.

April 2012

One of the pioneering Led application companies in the region.
He built a larger manufacturing workshop and started exporting abroad.
A company was established with the first ARC brand in Kazakhstan.
The first contract was signed with the Kazakhstan Railways and the supply of LED projector started.

May 2008

Moved to the new manufacturing workshop. Many indoor and outdoor products have started to be manufactured.

January 2006

ARC Architectural Led Lighting was established and started to apply indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

ARC I Architectural Led Lighting

Our ARC Architectural Led lighting company, which is located in the exterior architectural lighting projects, first of all prepare the lighting design with a video presentation and use exterior led lighting or dmx line uses external LED architectural lighting fixtures to make pixel led display applications on LED facades or facades that are compatible with iconic structures. The products we are using are high quality dmx controlled wall washer, dmx dot pixel, dmx linear style RGB led lighting fixtures.