Facade Pixel Lighting Quality Criteria


• The DMX protocol has to be used in terms of system signal quality and speed. Other protocols cause degradation of lighting effects due to signal drops.

• There are numerous programs in the world to run this system. However, it is essential to use licensed system operating programs such as the Madrix brand in order to ensure the professionalism of the business and the smooth operation of the lighting on the exterior.

• It is necessary to run the system operation program on a separate PC in order to update the system from time to time, to renew the lighting effects, to fast intervention when the system stops and to solve the problem.



• Operation of the system and operation of signals and addresses with high quality control devices ensures long life and trouble-free operation of the application. To this end, the best DMX control protocol ARTNET control devices that have been proven in the world of manufacturing must be used.

• Problems often arise in system operation, as the use of different control devices will shorten the life of the system.



• To be compatible with the system, it is necessary to use led lighting fixture which will be used directly on DMX protocol. Problems that are frequently encountered in applications using intermediate devices such as a converter are inevitable.

• In products made using DMX converters, although the quality of the signal seems to be working well at first, it is inevitable for the effects to be distorted in the medium and long span. This leads to a bad picture on the front.

• Another important criterion is that the LED lighting fixture to be installed on the frontier works not only at a single voltage but also at a certain voltage range. This is because, in the case of voltage drops, the lighting elements close to the power source are brightly lit, and the brightness disappears from the center. For example; a lighting element should not only operate with 12 or 24V but also have a brightness of the same value at every voltage between 12 and 24 volts. Even if the voltage drops to 15 volts, it should shine like 24 volts.

• Assuming that the other side also has a wear-off of cables for a certain period of time, the conductance of the cables will decrease at the end of 1 year and will decrease at unwanted voltage. That is why it is not necessary if there is no function of voltage range in a product.



• The success of the application depends on the use of the correct wiring and connectors on the external side of the display from one side to the installation on the other side.

• Especially in case of pixel lighting elements, it is necessary to take the aluminum cable profiles into the cephein color of the cables in each pixel range. This prevents image pollution on the facade.

• In the case of system infrastructure installation, it is absolutely necessary to use a twisted-pair cable to prevent signal disturbances such as CAT6 / Microphone cable for the signal, while a copper-alloy TTR cable must be used for the energy.

Waterproof plugs and connectors should definitely be used because of the correct installation of the cables from the control units, the power leads to the LEDs and LEDs, and the minimization of voltage / signal losses.

ARC I Architectural Led Lighting

Our ARC Architectural Led lighting company, which is located in the exterior architectural lighting projects, first of all prepare the lighting design with a video presentation and use exterior led lighting or dmx line uses external LED architectural lighting fixtures to make pixel led display applications on LED facades or facades that are compatible with iconic structures. The products we are using are high quality dmx controlled wall washer, dmx dot pixel, dmx linear style RGB led lighting fixtures.