Corendon Hotels – Grand Park Lara Hotel

Corendon Hotels – Grand Park Lara Hotel

Turkey is one of the leading tourism companies CORENDON Hotels tourist resort of Antalya’s unique position in Kundu, Lara Grand Park hotel consists of 8 high mono block.

With the vertically aligned dmx dot products we have applied to the facades of these blocks, we have revealed the total appearance and magnificence of the plant. On the other hand, with the DMX wallwasher products in the middle sections of each block, we made lighting games on the one hand and made the motions come out on the other hand.

Location : Antalya

Lighting Type : DMX Dot Pixel

Date : 2018

ARC I Architectural Led Lighting

Our ARC Architectural Led lighting company, which is located in the exterior architectural lighting projects, first of all prepare the lighting design with a video presentation and use exterior led lighting or dmx line uses external LED architectural lighting fixtures to make pixel led display applications on LED facades or facades that are compatible with iconic structures. The products we are using are high quality dmx controlled wall washer, dmx dot pixel, dmx linear style RGB led lighting fixtures.