DMX Flood F1701203

DMX Flood F1701203

This lighting projector with high brightness Cree Led is designed for use in High buildings, Shopping malls and bridges.

General Details
  • RGB and Mono colors available.
  • The Solid Capacitor PCB is integrated to make the LEDs durable and long lasting.
  • Up to 40% operating voltage range with power handling design.
  • Standard DMX 512 protocol (Max 44frame / sec)
  • The DMX address can stay in memory as it can be given automatically.
  • Artnet is suitable for seamless communication between armatures.
  • Reverse connection protection is available.
Technical information
Model F1701203 F1701201
Dimensions φ 170mm*122mm φ 170mm*122mm
Color RGB White (2700-6500K)
LED QTY 4R 4G 4B 12PCS White
Beam Angle 0°/15°/20°/25°/30°/38°/45°/60 10°/15°/20°/25°/30°/38°/45°/60
Voltage 24vDC 24vDC
Power 24W 24W
Control Optional DmX 512 Optional DmX 512
DMX Channel 3 1
Housing Color Grey Grey
Difuser Clear Clear
Cable Entry Bottom Bottom
Operating Temperature -40°C to 50°C -40°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 80°C -40°C to 80°C
Certificate CE / RoHS CE / RoHS
IP IP67 IP67
Product Application Video
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ARC I Architectural Led Lighting

Our ARC Architectural Led lighting company, which is located in the exterior architectural lighting projects, first of all prepare the lighting design with a video presentation and use exterior led lighting or dmx line uses external LED architectural lighting fixtures to make pixel led display applications on LED facades or facades that are compatible with iconic structures. The products we are using are high quality dmx controlled wall washer, dmx dot pixel, dmx linear style RGB led lighting fixtures.