Facade Led Lighting

Louis Kahn, the famous architect of Estonia of the Bangladesh Parliament and the Salk Institute in California, which Naguchi named “a philosopher among architects” “I did not know how magnificent the building was until the sun rises.” Even the promise of a famous architect is worthy of the title, revealing how important the enlightenment is in a structure.

Whether architectural designs are designed for who or for whom, the use of light in design is crucial. It’s a small house, a convenient office or a shop that needs a light. No matter where in the world they are, they need lighting. Because all architectural designs are designed for people to live in and one of the greatest needs of people is light. That is why the use of light comes out as an extremely important issue in architecture.

Light and light, besides being needed for people, is also an aesthetic factor. The use of light in architectural designs is refreshing for bright people, psychologically influencing them in the best way. Therefore, elements such as light and light, the use of light are the most important elements of architects. Gothic architecture, which follows a different path to light use, falls on dark and dark areas inside and outside of this general tendency in architecture. There is no need to say that the gothic architecture pushes the gothic art movement towards guilt and pessimism.

When we go out of the building, the light comes out as the makeup of the building. The corners, landscapes, surfaces find themselves with the power of light and light. Therefore, besides a structure, light and light come out as an extremely important issue. For the architect who is trying to build his projects, the light becomes a commodity that can be controlled as desired. And if this project is shaped in a geographical area where the Sun is self-deprecating, using natural light becomes an issue in itself.

In sum, for architects, light, light use, bright and light areas are of great importance for architecture. Because light and light are one of the basic needs of people. In this respect, architects place great emphasis on the use of light.

Lighting companies that carry your light spaces are. Lighting companies produce solutions that turn the power of electricity into light and share these solutions with architects. Architects also practice their architectural designs knowing the value of light by finely finishing it like gold in the hands of a skilled jeweler. Architectural lighting firms are the most suitable lighting solutions for architects’ projects.

ARC I Architectural Led Lighting

Our ARC Architectural Led lighting company, which is located in the exterior architectural lighting projects, first of all prepare the lighting design with a video presentation and use exterior led lighting or dmx line uses external LED architectural lighting fixtures to make pixel led display applications on LED facades or facades that are compatible with iconic structures. The products we are using are high quality dmx controlled wall washer, dmx dot pixel, dmx linear style RGB led lighting fixtures.